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Online Legal Translations’ Founder “Featured Member” on Legal Eagle Central Florida Group

On June 21, 2019, Legal Eagle Central Florida honored Paige Dygert as a "Featured Member" in its Professional Group on Facebook. “My business, Online Legal Translations, has given me the ability to spend a lot of time in my beloved Italy, as well as to travel to many other places and work from any location in the world, but I do miss my Florida colleagues and I care very much about what is happening in my state. ‘Legal Eagle Central Florida' and its sister group ‘Legal Eagle South Florida’ are great groups to visit to catch up on what’s going...

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OLT Founder Discusses “What Lawyers Want” in Bologna

Paige Dygert speaking about "What Lawyers Want" at BP19 in Bologna, Italy on May 2, 2019. Italy May 2, 2019 Online Legal Translations founder Paige Dygert spoke on May 2, 2019 at the BP Translation Conference in Bologna, Italy, which was attended by over 300 Translation and Language professionals from 6 continents and over 30 countries. Attendees included several Online Legal Translations Attorney-Translators.  What a thrill to meet up in person! Topics discussed were “What makes a legal client cringe?” “How to become a lawyer’s favorite vendor,” and other information gleaned from 20 years of practice as a lawyer. Several attendees live-tweeted during the talk.  The...

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OLT Launches “Words of The Law Quotes” Series

Online Legal Translations announces the launching of its latest social media series featuring famous and not-so-famous quotes about Lawyers, the Law and Language on its Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram platforms. The series kicked off on February 18, 2019 with a quote from the Bible: “Where there is no law there is no transgression.” OLT will be posting Legal quotes weekly throughout the year, so look out and feel free to share some of your own favorite Legal and Linguistic quotes....

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Online Legal Translations Founder to Present at “BP19” Translation Conference. 

OLT’s founder, Paige Dygert has been selected to speak at the prestigious “BP19” Translation Conference  in beautiful Bologna, Italy, in May, 2019 where she will conduct a one-hour talk for legal translators entitled “What Do Legal Clients Want?” The talk will be designed to help language service providers communicate clearly and provide high-quality language services to the busy and highly-discerning legal community. The BP conference series began in 2014 and has experienced explosive growth as the premier translation conference worldwide. The conference will include presentations and workshops hosted by such well-known Language Service Personalities as Tess Whitty and Javier Ortiz, and includes...

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This past year has been a banner year for Online Legal Translations. We are happy to have experienced unprecedented growth this year, both in volume, number of clients and activities in the Legal and Translation communities. We've added exciting new services and language combinations to our portfolio of offerings, we engaged in Social Media around the web and around the world, as well as publishing several articles and series on relevant legal translation content. The company began accepting PayPal and Transferwise along with traditional bank tranfsers, credit cards and even good old-fashioned checks. Additionally, OLT’s founder appeared at live on-line events in...

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Online Legal Translations Founder Appears as Guest on “She Hit Refresh.”

On November 27, 2018, OLT’s founder, Paige Dygert appeared on the popular website She Hit Refresh as a Guest Blogger with her article “Moving Abroad? What to Do With Your Apartment or House.” She Hit Refresh was created “for women over 30 who want to break free from routine and start a life of travel!” The topic of the article was, as the title indicates, how to manage your current housing when you take off for an extended period of time of discovery and adventure.  Several practical tips and links to resources were provided for renters and homeowners, including such traditional options...

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Online Legal Translations Confidentiality Series Wraps Up

"Words of the Law" has just completed the 4-part series called “NDAs, Non-Competition, Non-Solicit, and Confidentiality Agreements.”  Topics covered in this series include an overview of Legal Terms, Unilateral vs. Bilateral Agreements and Term vs. Duration, and Non-Solicitation vs. Non-Competition. The final installment discusses the concept of Confidentiality in depth, including, where such provisions can be found and why they are important, as well as sample provisions. Hop on over to the OLT Blog: "Words of the Law," and see what the series is all about. ...

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Online Legal Translations Celebrates Three Years on Facebook

OLT has been on Facebook for over three years now. Visit us there and check out our law-related articles, legal news, "Favorite Words of the Law" posts and more. Connect with us to receive updates in your feed. We look forward to seeing you there! P.S.  If you are interested in expanding your practice and don’t know what you need beyond translation of your documents and interpreters for your meetings, check out this great article by Entrepreneur Magazine.

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Online Legal Translations Wants YOU!

Online Legal Translations is experiencing unprecedented growth and is accepting applications from lawyer-translators in all language combinations. Are you… A licensed attorney in at least one jurisdiction? A translator with at least two years of experience? A positive person with a great work ethic? If yes, please reach out to us by email: Providing: A Copy of your law license/certification A Copy of your CV/resume A Copy of your diploma(s)   We look forward to hearing from you!...

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