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Online Legal Translations Founder Appears as Guest on “She Hit Refresh.”

On November 27, 2018, OLT’s founder, Paige Dygert appeared on the popular website She Hit Refresh as a Guest Blogger with her article “Moving Abroad? What to Do With Your Apartment or House.” She Hit Refresh was created “for women over 30 who want to break free from routine and start a life of travel!” The topic of the article was, as the title indicates, how to manage your current housing when you take off for an extended period of time of discovery and adventure.  Several practical tips and links to resources were provided for renters and homeowners, including such traditional options...

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Online Legal Translations Confidentiality Series Wraps Up

"Words of the Law" has just completed the 4-part series called “NDAs, Non-Competition, Non-Solicit, and Confidentiality Agreements.”  Topics covered in this series include an overview of Legal Terms, Unilateral vs. Bilateral Agreements and Term vs. Duration, and Non-Solicitation vs. Non-Competition. The final installment discusses the concept of Confidentiality in depth, including where such provisions can be found and why they are important, as well as sample provisions. Hop on over to the OLT Blog: "Words of the Law," and see what the series is all about. ...

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Online Legal Translations Celebrates Three Years on Facebook

OLT has been on Facebook for over three years now. Visit us there and check out our law-related articles, legal news, "Favorite Words of the Law" posts and more. Follow us to receive updates in your feed. We look forward to seeing you there! P.S.  If you are interested in expanding your practice internationally and don’t know what you need beyond translation of your documents and interpreters for your meetings, check out this great article by Entrepreneur Magazine.

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Online Legal Translations Wants YOU!

Online Legal Translations is experiencing unprecedented growth and is accepting applications from lawyer-translators in all language combinations. Are you… A licensed attorney in at least one jurisdiction? A translator with at least two years of experience? A positive person with a great work ethic? If yes, please reach out to us by email: Providing: A Copy of your law license/certification A Copy of your CV/resume A Copy of your diploma(s)   We look forward to hearing from you!...

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OLT is on LinkedIn!

Online Legal Translations now has its very own LinkedIn page.   LinkedIn is a great place to meet and network with other legal professionals in a professional environment. Visit us there and check out our law-related articles, posts and more.  Connect with us to receive updates in your feed. We look forward to seeing you there! P.S.  If your firm is interested in controlling costs with LinkedIn, check out this great article by Lowes Legal Cost Accountants.

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Online Legal Translations leads the way with GDPR Compliance Program

We’re excited to announce that we have implemented a compliance program pursuant to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You may be wondering why a U.S.-based company is concerned about European Privacy Laws.  It’s pretty simple: All companies that handle personal data of EU residents must comply with the GDPR. Since many of our clients and collaborators are located outside of the United States, many in the EU, we are obliged to comply with any privacy laws and regulations that are applicable to Online Legal Translations by virtue of contact with the people and entities with whom we work. What’s GDPR?  GDPR...

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OLT Founder Paige Dygert, Esq. on Another Season of Translators on Air

Online Legal Translations’ founder Paige Dygert, Esq. was back Wednesday, May 9, 2018, for another appearance on a brand new season of Translators on Air, the popular translation podcast hosted by Dmitry Kornyukhov and Elena Tereshchenkova. This time, the topic was the demystification of Non-Disclosure, Non-Compete, Non-Solicit and Confidentiality Agreements.  The session was aimed at providing non-lawyer translators with a sound understanding of what these terms can mean and identifying their own interests related to these types of agreements. “It is always a fun and informative atmosphere with Dmitry and Elena.  Their listeners ask great questions and their guests are some of...

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Online Legal Translations Announces All New Website

Online Legal Translations officially launched the new version of its website, on April 1, 2018. The new website carries the OLT brand along with a redesigned blog, monthly news articles, and other features.  Clients can explore services offered, contact OLT directly for a free quote on a translation project, and link to OLT’s social media sites on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. “This new website beautifully represents our brand and our mission, which is to help legal professionals reach and respond to a global audience by providing accurate, timely and reliable translations performed only by qualified Lawyer-Linguists. The website was...

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OLT Launches “Favorite Words of The Law” Tweet Series

OLT Launches “Favorite Words of The Law” Series of Tweets Online Legal Translations has launched a lighthearted series of tweets on its Twitter feed featuring words and phrases of Legalese that can both baffle and amuse.  Legal terms such as “Ipso Facto,” “Foeffment” and “Ultra Vires” are just a few of the terms featured so far. OLT plans to continue to feature more “Favorite Words of the Law” regularly on its Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram pages....

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OLT Founder Holds Live Business Mentoring Session

On January 26, 2018, in a live mentoring session on Marketing for Translators and Interpreters, the founder of Online Legal Translations, Paige Dygert, Esq. an attorney with over 20 years of experience, was hosted by Nicole Konig, creator of Marketing for Translators and Interpreters for a "mini-mentoring" session.  The session lasted about an hour, was attended live by translation colleagues from many different countries and was made available as a recorded session for members who could not attend the live session. Ms. Dygert discussed some basic business tips for freelance translators and enjoyed interacting with her international colleagues, who provided lively...

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