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Our Service Is Professional

We provide accurate and timely legal document translation. Our reputation and history of successful service to clients worldwide speaks for itself.

Our Translators Are Lawyers

You can trust your complex, important, and time-sensitive documents to the translators on our team of Lawyer-Linguists.

Our Experience Is Broad

Our Lawyer- Linguists have experience in Criminal Law, Civil Law, Business and Government.

Praise for Online Legal Translations and Paige Dygert.

Paige and Legal Online Translation have shown a high level of professionalism when working for Kaufberater. Paige always strives for excellence and is committed to deliver high-quality work, always on schedule. It was a real pleasure working with her. She helped better significantly the quality of our articles through her thoughtful comments and we are very thankful to her for that. I highly recommend her to anyone thinking of working with her.

Tatiana Rinke | Animatrice des Communautés chez Démocratie Ouverte

Working with Paige is a model for collaboration. Coming from a position with minimal legal perspective, but needing to acquire services Paige was the perfect counsel to protect company assets while enabling me to accomplish my goals as well. While she is detail oriented when it comes to the law, she has the ability to apply practicality when needed. Dedicated, professional, and personable; I would say are three descriptors she embodies.

Kurt Hillmann | Consumer & Shopper Insights

Paige is the kind of lawyer you want in your corner, because you know she will get to the heart of the matter directly, can explain the pros and cons of the options clearly and concisely, and be as efficient in identifying the business-appropriate solution as possible. Plus, she does it with a smile and sense of humor.

Kim Wijkstrom | SVP/Chief Marketing Officer at Vanda Pharmaceuticals

Paige is a thoughtful, thorough and entertaining instructor. When I received her course on “Managing Legal Issues for Translators,” I was absolutely blown away. Not only did she walk freelancers with zero knowledge of legal topics through these complex issues in a relaxed and step-by-step way, she took the stress out of a topic that nearly every freelancer struggles with and even made it fun! I went through the entire course myself and barely noticed the time going by and just in case anyone had any questions remaining, she provided TONS of resources for each lesson. It’s easily one of the most informative and entertaining instruction jobs I’ve seen.

Jenae Spry | Growth Strategist, Performance Consultant, Productivity Expert

Ho collaborato con Paige in diverse occasioni per lavori di traduzione dall'italiano all'inglese. Ha dimostrato grande professionalità fin da subito, confermando con il suo lavoro la mia prima ottima impressione. Ha una straordinaria conoscenza dei testi giuridici e della terminologia legale che utilizza con grande maestria in ogni sua traduzione. Ho affidato a Paige testi complessi di clienti importanti potendo contare su una consegna puntuale e sulla massima qualità. Paige è un'eccellente professionista della traduzione legale, provare per credere.

Eleonora Ricci | Interprete di Conferenza e Traduttrice

Paige is not only a customer-service oriented and result-driven team player but also an inspirational associate. Paige has excellent integrity and is extremely trustworthy. She is a reliable, has extreme attention to detail and is a hardworking Attorney. She is enthusiastic, multi-skilled and judicious co-worker and has the ability to make good, sometimes bold decisions with her dedication and strategic thinking skills. She is ready to deal with difficult situations and solve the problems on time through her organization and time-management skills.

Adam Rosenberg, MS, MBA, Ph.D. | International Human Resources leader with a deep focus in Talent Acquisition & Development.

Using a Professional Legal Translator is Critical to Maintaining Credibility.

Our highly experienced lawyer-linguists can provide you with a reliable, quality translation that a bilingual employee simply cannot.


When quality cannot be compromised.

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