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“Le parole del diritto” – il blog di Online Legal Translations.

È uno spazio di condivisione in cui parleremo di lingue e diritto e in cui potrai conoscerci meglio e speriamo di poter conoscere meglio anche te.

NDAs, Confidentiality, Non-Solicitation, and Non-Competition Agreements – PART 2

“NDAs, Confidentiality, Non-Solicitation, and Non-Competition Agreements” PART TWO – Non-Competition and Non-Solicitation Agreements: What’s the Difference Anyway? Welcome to Part 2 of our new series here on “Words of the Law,” the Online Legal Translations blog. As we mentioned in the last installment of this series, terms such as “non-solicitation” and “non-competition” have no fixed legal meanings, as do terms such as “burglary” or “fraud,” which are defined in statues and further clarified by common law.  These terms are used to describe sections of agreements or entire agreements (which are sometimes nicknamed “noncompetes” and “nonsolicits”). Unless these terms are specifically defined within an...


Online Legal Translations leads the way with GDPR Compliance Program

We’re excited to announce that we have implemented a compliance program pursuant to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You may be wondering why a U.S.-based company is concerned about European Privacy Laws.  It’s pretty simple: All companies that handle personal data of EU residents must comply with the GDPR. Since many of our clients and collaborators are located outside of the United States, many in the EU, we are obliged to comply with any privacy laws and regulations that are applicable to Online Legal Translations by virtue of contact with the people and entities with whom we work. What’s GDPR?  GDPR...


NDAs, Confidentiality, Non-Solicitation, and Non-Competition Agreements – PART 1

Welcome to PART ONE of our new series here on “Words of the Law,” the Online Legal Translations blog. "NDAs, Confidentiality, Non-Solicitation, and Non-Competition Agreements" PART ONE – The Terms Here we will discuss the often-mentioned, but seldom fully-understood terms “NDA,” “Confidentiality,” “Non-Solicitation/Non-Solicit,” and “Non-Competition/Non-Compete” agreements. We will be talking about these terms as they exist under laws and rules of the United States only, but the general concepts discussed about in this article are very similar in many other jurisdictions. This may come as a surprise, but these words—"NDA,” “Confidentiality,” etc. have no fixed legal meanings, as do words such as “burglary” or “fraud”...


La fondatrice di OLT su “Translators on Air”

Il 1° novembre 2017 l’avvocato Paige Dygert, socio amministratore di OLT, ha partecipato come ospite al popolare podcast “Translators on Air” con Dmitry Kornyukhov e Elena Tereshchenkova. “È stato davvero bello parlare di traduzione giuridica per gli ascoltatori di Dmitry e Elena. Vedere tanti dei miei colleghi partecipare attivamente e ascoltare i loro interessanti commenti e domande ha rappresentato per me un’esperienza straordinaria. Guardo regolarmente il loro programma online ed è stato un onore per me partecipare come ospite.” Guarda la registrazione del programma e sintonizzati ogni mercoledì alle 12 (EST) su “Translators on Air”....


Our 10 Favorite Web-Based Legal Translation Tools

We are not attesting the accuracy or comprehensiveness of any of these tools in particular; they are simply some tools we sometimes use, and are choosing to share, in hopes that you find them useful as well. IATE Search My favorite all-time (so far) Online Translation tool is the IATE (InterActive Terminology for Europe) Search. The database is huge, and you can search in different professions/subject areas.  It covers a LOT of languages, too. For context, this search tool is great. Not as reliable as #1, but if you need to see a term used a few times...


Online Legal Translations Announces All New Website

Online Legal Translations officially launched the new version of its website, on April 1, 2018. The new website carries the OLT brand along with a redesigned blog, monthly news articles, and featured videos.  Clients can explore services offered, contact OLT directly for a free quote on a translation project, and link to OLT’s social media sites on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. “This new website beautifully represents our brand and our mission, which is to help legal professionals reach and respond to a global audience by providing accurate, timely and reliable translations performed only by qualified Lawyer-Linguists. The website was...


Cold Email Marketing or SPAM? – 7 Steps to Avoid Trouble

What are the Rules for Cold Emailing? Let’s talk about “Cold Emailing”—that is, emailing potential customers with whom you do not have an existing business relationship or potential customers who have not specifically consented to being contacted by you, by signing up for your blog, newsletter, etc. Is cold emailing illegal? No, it is not illegal per se, but there are specific rules that one must follow in order for a cold email message to be legal in the United States. DISCLAIMER: In this article, I am not providing legal advice, participating in any legal representation nor relationship. This blog post/article is not...


OLT inaugura la serie “Parole del diritto – curiosità” su Twitter

OLT inaugura la serie “Parole del diritto – curiosità” su Twitter Online Legal Translations ha inaugurato una nuova serie sul proprio profilo Twitter che comprende parole e frasi del diritto che ci lasciano a bocca aperta o che ci strappano una risata. Termini giuridici come “Ipso facto”, “Infeudamento(refuso nell’inglese, feoffment)” e “Ultra vires” sono solo alcuni dei termini che abbiamo trattato finora. OLT pubblicherà regolarmente “Parole del diritto – curiosità” sulle proprie pagine Twitter, Pinterest e Instagram....


4 More Differences Between the UK and US English. The Legal Systems – Part 3 (Plus Bonus Naughty Words)

Today we are going to look at some more differences between the Legal Systems of the US and the UK— two countries separated by a common language. The differences for legal professionals in the US and the UK are primarily found in 3 areas: Educational Requirements Types of Lawyers Organization of the Courts Thousands of pages could easily be written on these topics, so for the purposes of brevity, we will be making broad generalizations in this post.  We encourage you to conduct further research of your own in these areas, as they are fascinating topics for lawyers, language professionals...


Una sessione di formazione online tenuta dalla fondatrice di OLT

Il 26 gennaio 2018 Paige Dygert, fondatrice di Online Legal Translations e avvocato con oltre 20 anni di esperienza, ha tenuto una sessione di formazione in diretta sul marketing per traduttori e interpreti all’interno del programma di Nicole Konig, creatrice di Marketing for Translators and Interpreters. La sessione è durata circa un’ora ed è stata seguita in diretta da colleghi traduttori in numerosi paesi, la registrazione è online e disponibile per i partecipanti che non sono riusciti a collegarsi durante la diretta. La Sig.ra Dygert ha fornito spunti di base e consigli per il business della traduzione e dell’interpretazione apprezzando i...