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Behind-the-Scenes at OLT

So, you send your valuable document off to Online Legal Translations and it comes back in another language. Magic!--Right? But what reeeeeally happens?   It all starts with You.  You need a professional, high-quality translation from a provider you can trust.  You don’t want to go to a generic translation agency,  so you reach out to Online Legal Translations for a quote, and, based on the factors discussed in our earlier post, we quote you a rate for the project.  If our quote fits your needs, you give OLT the go-ahead, and we’re off like lightning! Next, an OLT Project Manager assigns your project to the carefully vetted...

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Five Questions for a Seamless Translation Experience

How to Prepare for Your Upcoming Translation Project Preparing responses to these questions in advance will help you save time and money when comparing and purchasing legal translation services.  What is Your Project Type? What type of document is being translated?  Whether it is a contract, pleadings, evidence, etc. can affect the price, length of time needed to deliver and specific expertise needed to translate. The complexity of the document also matters.  Are you translating a complex set of judicial opinions, or a simple birth certificate?  Is your document of a technical nature, such as medical records, patents, etc. Which Languages are Involved? The language of the original document...

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