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Who is OLT and what can they do for me?

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Who is OLT and what can they do for me?

Online Legal Translations 

Online Legal Translations (OLT) was created to provide what no other translation company in the world offers in almost any language combination:

All of OLT Translations are performed by Qualified Attorney-Translators.

All of Our Translators are Also Lawyers

  • We provide quality, professional translations to law firms, corporate legal departments, individuals and courts of law worldwide.
  • We can translate into virtually any language combination.
  • Each of our Lawyer-Linguists translates only into their mother-tongue.
  • Many of our linguists maintain active law practices.

What We Can Do for You

  1. Help broaden your client base to include foreign-language clients.
  2. Enable you to serve a multilingual community.
  3. Help raise your professional practice profile to serve more clients.
  4. Position you to engage in cross-border/international practice.

Imagine…your website in multiple languages, your marketing program seamlessly translated into foreign language media and your firm providing legal services in several different languages–with our professional language service it is easy!

You Can Trust Our Expertise, Professionalism and Experience

  • You can trust our expertise in the legalese of both the source and target languages in a way that you simply cannot with translations by non-lawyers.
  • Our linguists only translate into their mother-tongue languages.  Much like a lawyer can instantly identify the writing of a non-lawyer, native speakers can recognize writing of a non-native speaker.  We don’t let that happen at OLT.
  • We treat all communication and documents entrusted to us with the utmost confidentiality.

We Save You Time, and Time is Money
We save you time by doing it right the first time, and we all know “time is money,” especially for busy attorneys.

Contact us today for a FREE QUOTE.

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