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Five Questions for a Seamless Translation Experience

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Five Questions for a Seamless Translation Experience

How to Prepare for Your Upcoming Translation Project

Preparing responses to these questions in advance will help you save time and money when comparing and purchasing legal translation services. 

  1. What is Your Project Type?

What type of document is being translated?  Whether it is a contract, pleadings, evidence, etc. can affect the price, length of time needed to deliver and specific expertise needed to translate.

The complexity of the document also matters.  Are you translating a complex set of judicial opinions, or a simple birth certificate?  Is your document of a technical nature, such as medical records, patents, etc.

  1. Which Languages are Involved?

The language of the original document is the “Source Language” and the language into which you need the document translated is known as the “Target Language.”

You may need a document translated from or into a specific dialect, or multiple target languages.  Some languages are fairly common and others are quite unusual.

  1. What is Your Deadline?

The purpose of the document often dictates the flexibility of the deadline.  For example, a document needed for discovery may or may not have a long lead time, but a document needed for an upcoming meeting or court filing deadline may be needed more quickly.

  1. What is the Length of the Document?

Translations are generally measured and priced by the number of words.  However, the good news is, it is not always necessary to translate 100% of a document.  If there are exhibits repeated several times within a project, or sections in the document that are irrelevant to the purpose of the translation, these can be left untranslated, at your option, saving both time and money.

  1. Do You Have any Special Requests?

Do you need a certified translation? Is there handwritten text or are there any legibility or formatting challenges that will need to be addressed?

Does your client, company or firm require the translation to adhere to a specific company style guideterm baseglossary or translation memory?

We can help you determine the answers to all of these questions. Contact Us for a FREE QUOTE today.

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